Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ten days til Israel Comes Home

Scott leaves on Tuesday the 27th for Kinshasa, and he will pick up Israel and bring him home on Wednesday May 5th.  I can hardly believe it, but it is happening.  I can tell because I am packing, and the living room is strewn with donations and the sandals we bought in every size from 5 to 12 because we don't know what will fit. 

I am worried because he is almost four years old and wears a 2T.  I got a baby carrier because they tell me he is really little.  It is not completely comprehensible to me that he should be so small. 

Eddie made a welcome home sign today.  We talk about the butterflies in our tummies.  And dancing dinosaurs.   

Sunday, April 4, 2010

We Have News!

I am almost afraid to write it all down, but here it is -- Scott will travel to the Congo at the end of April to pick up Israel and bring him home!  They will arrive in early May.  I am not feeling nervous at all yet.  I am excited and thrilled.  We don't want to overwhelm him with things.  He has all the clothing he needs already in his closet.  He speaks French, so I do wish I had a few more children's books in French, but other than that, I feel as if we are well prepared.  He will be four years old on May 10th, and we are probably going to plan a celebration for some time in June.  I will be looking for a local apartment to sublet in June for some family members to come and visit.  First we want him all to ourselves.  We are looking forward to getting to know him.